The Team at Dublin City Gin

Sometimes, great ideas happen when old friends sit together over a bottle of fine gin. More often though, terrible ideas happen, and that’s what our friends and loved ones thought had happened one cold winter’s evening in 2012 when we came up with the idea to create a gin for our favourite place and call it Dublin City Gin.

Thankfully they were wrong. It turns out that tenacity, creativity, study, experimentation, and a lot of hard work can turn a terrible idea into a great one. Dublin City Gin is as much an ode to a tremendous friendship and great teamwork as it is to an inspiring city. Ciaran and Stephen have known each other since they were six years old, but Stephen is still constantly awestruck by Ciaran’s astonishing attention to detail and godlike organisational skills, while Ciaran is only too delighted when Stephen enters event-planning mode, or slogs away on a recipe until it is absolutely perfect. The essential final part of this formidable gin-making team is gin industry veteran and expert Sinclair Walker – just the man to keep standards sky-high and feet on the ground.

It is our pleasure and delight to provide you with Dublin City Gin, an Irish dry gin that is an ode to the city we love and the friendship that created this fine drink.