About Dublin City Gin

When we think of Dublin, we don’t just think of those well-worn old images that give a warm and fuzzy feeling: the spuds and butter, the warming hearth, the old men at the bar nursing a pint of Guinness. We also think of the Dublin of now – the crescendo of languages from all over the world on every street corner; the exotic fruits that lie beside our native fare on Moore St market; the opportunities that the city provides that would have been unthinkable only twenty years ago.

For these reasons, we haven’t been racking our brains thinking of how to make a gin that is completely grounded in Dublin soil, because, now just as it ever has been, the soil of our fair home is walked by people from every corner of the globe, each contributing a little more flavour to the city we know and love.

Our juniper and coriander seeds come from the finest suppliers we could find, from sun-drenched lands that gives our gin the perfect foundation to build on.

Our rhubarb, our pride and joy, is the all-Irish jewel in our crown, and, when combined with grapefruit peel, gives our gin zest, joie de vivre, that tart, fruity sharpness like the cheeky Dublin tongue.

We wanted to make a gin for Dublin that is as easy-going and full of life as the city that inspires it. The result is Dublin City Gin, a gin distilled in small batches with local and exotic botanicals.